Youtube Generation
Christina Storey | 20 March 2017

A year ago I didn’t get the YouTube ‘community’ at all. I only ever went on YouTube to watch funny videos like ‘Jesus Christ Fenton’ or to listen to a song. I knew of someone called ‘Tanya Burr’ and I knew there were some people who did tutorials for make-up and hair. Then of course I knew that some singers started out on it like Justin Bieber, but I didn’t understand how people were so into watching random people talk in front of a camera. I would hear some of my friends talk about certain ‘you-tubers’ and think to myself, ‘What’s so great about them?’ then, one night, I watched a couple of videos. And since then I have not looked back, and so I am writing this to persuade you to jump on the bandwagon and start watching some YouTube videos.




My personal favourite type of YouTube videos are ‘beauty and fashion vloggers.’ Now that could just be because I am a teenage girl but obviously a lot of teenage girls think the same because some of the biggest beauty vloggers like Zoella and Michelle Phan have 3 million or more subscribers to their channel!




They have introduced an easier way of learning how to apply make-up. You can visually see their techniques in their step-by-step tutorials. Want to copy a celebrity’s make-up look, get the perfect contour or learn how to properly apply eye shadow? Look it up on YouTube, it’s guaranteed some youtubers will have uploaded what you’re looking for. Another one of my favourite is teenage youtubers, like MacBarbie07 and Stilababe09, ordinary girls who have set up a camera in their bedroom and who do various types of videos; some beauty related, some fashion ‘lookbooks’, some lifestyle videos. However weird a ‘morning routine’ or ‘What’s in my bag’ video sounds, it actually isn’t, it’s just another way of being nosy into someone else’s life! It’s crazy how well YouTube can set someone up, Bethany Mota, an 18 year old girl from California now has her own clothing line at a well known American store Aeropostale because of her channel. Similarly, Tanya Burr is releasing a Lip and Nail range in beauty stores here in the UK.



Then there are singers who put their music out on YouTube, gain a following then soar the charts. It has opened up a new way of people having their music out there and there’s proof – it works! The biggest example of this is, although some might hate me for saying this, is Justin Bieber. Other examples are The Vamps, who got their first single to 2nd in the charts, and Boyce Avenue who have nearly 5 million subscribers and started out on YouTube. Then recently Elyar Fox, a British 18 year old singer who started out in his bedroom singing and now has his debut single out and is being invited to Radio 1 and Capital to be featured. It’s a great way for up-and-coming artists to gain the fan base they want and to show more than just their music.



Then there are other videos that I personally just watch because the guys are incredibly beautiful to look at and are pretty funny. The likes of the Harries twins, Caspar Lee and Marcus Butler obviously do not do make-up tutorials but do random videos such as ‘Selfies with strangers’ and ‘singing with helium.’ The most random things that you would think, why would I watch that? But actually they are very funny and area great distraction from your English coursework…



Before I was introduced to the YouTube world I wondered to myself what would be so exciting about a ‘draw my life’ video where people literally explained their life on a white board and why would people watch a ‘February favourites’ video? But I’ve now learnt that it’s just something to watch, find interesting and laugh out loud to. It’s a form of television, a form of distraction, a form of procrastination. So, this isn’t an article to say watch this and become distracted from all your work, or to persuade you to kick-start your singing career on YouTube, but just to open your eyes to the new generation of the internet.



Youtube Lingo you may need to know –



Vlogger/YouTubers - The person who talks/uploads the video



Subscriber – The person who follows their channel


Sub Boxes – A feed of videos from people you subscribe too


Tag –A video with different questions or challenges that many people have done and is open for anyone to try



Lookbook – A video where a number of outfits are shown



Haul – A video where lots of new stuff is shown (like a Christmas haul or winter haul)


Colab – Where two YouTubers come together for a video


Daily Vlog – A video showing what the person has done that day

James Routledge 2016