Winter Innovation
Lucy Roberts | 27 February 2017

A trend that I have seen around a lot at the moment as we are coming into Winter are fingerless gloves. Until recently, I didn’t really register that this was any more than a warm accessory.


Of course, Fashion is about expressing oneself and the creativity you show with how you put an outfit together, but practicality is always a factor when considering any purchase. Gloves: a fairly basic purchase, you would think. But do you consider how much you use your phone when out and about? If it’s a touchscreen you have a problem with normal gloves as the screen simply won’t recognise the touch. If you have a keypad you have a problem as the extra layers on your hands make your fingers too fat to hit the keys. The reason behind the fingerless glove trend becomes obvious when that is taken into consideration, and the only practical but fashionable solution to our technical problem, until I read about a new innovation involving metallic fibres which make using your iPhone-iPod-iPad-etc. an unproblematic process in the cold outdoors.


How technology innovation greets the fashion world – what is to come next?

James Routledge 2016