Why do people think Michael Buble is a song-stealing artist?
'Michael Buble has always been somewhat of a great role model...'
Rebecca Heffer | 6 March 2016

Michael Bublé is most well known for his stunning voice and for coming out of his cave at Christmas to bring out the famous festive tunes, but many may argue that he steals his songs and, if not, uses the musical ideas of others for his own creations. But if he steals so many songs, why does he have such a large fan base?

Lead member of the alternative country band, Old 97’s, Rhett Miller has strong views on a supposed original song by Michael Bublé called It’s a Beautiful Day, claiming that he heard Bublé’s hit and thought it was one of his own, called Perfume. He was disgusted when he discovered that the lyrics in the chorus were the same and, one could say “coincidentally”, had the same chord progression, but in a different key signature. It was later discovered that Bublé had a team of men and women to aid with the songwriting, so is there proof that Bublé wrote any of this song?

In contrast, Bublé wrote a song (along with his co-writers) which was inspired by his wife, called Close Your Eyes, which serves as a homage to the strength of women and how much men depend on them, through the lyrics of which Bublé describes his reflection on their relationship. Another song inspired by his wife is Haven’t Met You Yet, motivated by when they first met. This song is said to be his number one song of all time, so perhaps writing through love is his key to a smash hit. It is argued that the chords and rhythm that Bublé has used for this hit have been manipulated from Sara Bareilles’ Love Song, however those who are less musically astute are unlikely to detect such a variation.

One of the reasons why Bublé has such a large fan base is not only because of his voice, but also because he is the classic follow up of Frank Sinatra, covering many of his songs including Come Fly With Me and Come Dance With Me in the same popular Jazz style, and many see him and his music as the modern day Sinatra. A reason why Bublé also gets a lot of credit for the songs he covers is because he makes them more famous than the original artist version through the various twists and turns. Bublé has covered the Bee Gees, who are typically a funk, soul and disco band, but cleverly manipulated the music into his comfortable Jazz style. An example of this is To Love Somebody and How Can You Mend A Broken Heart, by using the typical violins to underline the melody of his voice.

Michael Bublé has always been somewhat of a great role model and his “song-stealing” critique has never let his name down, proving that his voice dominates his weaker talent to write songs.


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