Whispering Fields
'Death. The place reeked of it.'
David Shipton | 10 November 2016

A spectrum of luminous butterflies fluttered past the cerulean sky shaping a rainbow crescent. Their arched wings gliding through the crisp air, making a flicker of movement habitually to keep their petite, fragile bodies adrift as they float down to the carmine rhododendrons below.

The scent of lavender overpowered the area, their poised, mauve bodies filling the hills beyond like a lilac forest possessing an assortment of microscopic beasts, prowling through the flowers, hunting down their natural delicacies. Bees hum through the meadow collecting their selection of substances before heading back like drones to their queen. In the depth of the sky, the sun gleamed, its beams giving warmth to the inhabitants below. An infusion of an amber and fuchsia glow leaked through the sky as it set, turning the landscape into a blissful summer night. The sombre revealed a cluster of stars, tiny gemstones of light in a sea of shadows with the ivory orb of the moon, casting a faint ray of sight to the nocturnal.

At dawn, kingfishers swoop in and dive into countless pools, a shimmer of retaliating fish in beak which eventually die as the cycle of nature takes its course. Death. The place reeked of it. To the unknowing eye, it would seem like a haven of nature but history showed an evolution to this event.

Ivy climbed over the abandoned metropolis. Concrete rubble and debris covered under layers of plants, hiding the truth behind the story. The earth reclaiming that which its own creations had once ruined, clean rivers flowing through its once intoxicated path, flowers now flourishing from a field of embers, trees rising over and dwarfing monochrome skyscrapers. A mark left by the ones before, nature healing their scar. All that is left are the animals that survived what they did. Reverting the changes they made. Ignorant to what they had done as ages had passed. Yet still breathing in their ashes.


Original Image by Lucy Roberts

James Routledge 2016