What's Your Song?
Jess Little | 6 March 2016

No matter how much people may deny it, everyone loves a good singalong in the shower. From classics like I will always love you to trying to sing all parts to One Day More from Les Mis, a shower is not complete without a good belting session of your all-time favourite songs. And when all bathrooms have such good acoustics, you just cannot resist.

As I was growing up, music played a very large role in my life. I have been singing for as long as I can remember and it has always been something I have been very passionate about. My performances in the West End were a unique opportunity for me to sing in front of large crowds on a regular basis. As cheesy as it may sound, when you are on stage, the audience is smiling and bopping along and you are all on the same level, it is the best feeling in the world. Singing makes you happy. Even if you think you are tone deaf, it will still make other people happy. They are laughing with you, I promise.

To me, singing is a very special thing. It allows you to express yourself in a way that is different to writing or speaking, in a way that is connected to your soul and your heart.  You do not need an instrument to sing, it is part of your body, given to you by nature and is unique to you. People sing because they are happy, but I am happy because I sing.

“Sing like nobody’s listening” is a well-known quotation by Mark Twain, but I cannot say I agree with it. Sing like the world is listening and be proud of it, sing from the rooftops, sing what you want. Sing when you are sad, sing when you are happy. Sing in the car, and in the shower, and with your friends. Let your heart sing.

Written by Jess Little

Original image by Lizzie Wood

James Routledge 2016