What Remains
'For it’s hard to find someone who loves you.'
Becca Ashworth | 28 March 2017

We all have things to hide

Each have secrets,

We choose not to trust anyone

But keep them buried inside,

Mine are the intricate lines of the past

Which wrap round my body

And grew ever so fast.

Each one holds a memory of time I’d rather forget

But can’t, or rather the line won’t let

Me release what’s been and gone:

The childhood I’ve lived and have now escaped from.

And still these markings dictate how I live,

What I do, what I wear, who I lie with.

For it’s hard to find someone who loves you

Despite your scars and is still willing to hold you in their heart

When they know you’re still weak and haven’t come far

From the days you sat on the bench and cried

And couldn’t cheer up although you tried

As you did all you could to hide

The scars, which still hold all your truths

As your childhood map cuts through

Your skin.

And how could mine be so cruel

As to betray me and show my soul?

It opens up and sings like a lark

Of my youth through every mark.

One day I will escape the dark…

And at my skin I want to shout;

I know that soon, I will crawl out.


Original Image by Lucy Roberts

James Routledge 2016