Unseen Artwork
Jonty Mellmann | 27 March 2017

A black line intersects a two and a half metre high by two metre wide canvas near the top of its bottom third: a horizon. The line is the visual focal-point, the only block colour and solid line below a marled haze of neon orange and green; putrid yellow; black, grey, white and even a blood red emerges from behind it: a nuclear skyline perhaps? Or maybe just a sunset doused with light pollution? Either way, the haze and colours portray an uncanny image - verging a recognisable sunset, very luminist at its base, yet as the eyes climb up to the canvas’ top, the colourful haze is met again, with a black mass. This time, the variegated shape suggests storm clouds, mean whilst drips of paint - black, red, white; power colours - from below the clouds to emphasize the presence of a storm. Beneath, the black line fades into a slither of a neon-green and white haze.

James Routledge 2016