Tory Triumph
'the results speak for themselves'
Edmund Wilson | 3 April 2017

On 8 June, not only did the UK vote, but also Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 12 at Berkhamsted School voted. And just as 3,196,918 eligible voters cast their ballots, 749 eleven- to eighteen-year olds at the school voiced their view on who should form the next government. Although the general election did not go as the pollsters predicted, it is fair to say that the result of the school election is perhaps less surprising. Interestingly, however, the Conservatives failed to win a majority of votes in either the Boys’ school or Sixth Form. There were plenty of other surprises - in particular, the Liberal Democrats were in second place in the school, in contrast to their performance in the general election, in which they won less than 1 in 10 votes. So, in the mock election, Labour won 6.4% of the vote, the Greens 9.9%, UKIP 8.4%, the Liberal Democrats 20.8%, and the Conservatives a resounding 53.8%. But if students as young as 11 can make up their minds in a mock election, what is to stop them voting in the real thing? Well, the results speak for themselves.


Original Graphic by Edmund Wilson.



James Routledge 2016