The next Big Thing
Jack Warren | 6 March 2017

Navada Suite is a local band which originally formed at West Herts College, as part of the music course that some of the members are currently studying. Elliot Alexson (Vocals), Jason Elvin (Guitar and Backing Vocals), Jack Partridge (Bass Guitar) and Harry Rawson (Drums) form Navada Suite and help to create its distinctive sound. After covering classics such as 'Hotel California' and 'Superstition' (which they have fashioned into their own unique part of their live set) they started to write originals.


It's hard to pinpoint a single genre to label their style, so imagine throwing Blues, Spanish, Funk, Jazz and Classic Rock into a pot and hitting blend. 'Feel The Love', one of Navada Suite's covers, shows off the band's talent with style. The transformation of Rudimental's song into a rock-step groove has got them thousands of YouTube hits; watch out for the half time break-down in the middle section.


Navada Suite are working on recording an EP for public release, and keep an eye out as there are more music videos to come. This is a hard-working band which deserves some recognition, so show some support, give them a like on Facebook, or if you want to check them out now try:

James Routledge 2016