The last of its kind
Harry Rawson | 27 February 2017

The digital age has taken its most recent victim. High-street retailer HMV has collapsed into administration, threatening the closure of around 250 branches nationwide. HMV is a major league player in the music, game and DVD industries, responsible for 34% of sales of physical music and 65% of video games in the country. The retail chain has been a part of our country's high street since 1921 and this threat to its future could have potentially worrying repercussions. With HMV absent from our towns and cities, the physical formats of music will suffer. The demand for CD's will decline and the digital purchase of music will soon be the only option. As someone who prefers to buy the CD instead of the digital version, the potential closure of HMV is a sad loss. The album cover is all lost digitally, and music becomes less valuable. Internet shopping will reign supreme which will not please everyone. The experience of going shopping for your electronics is a desirable one and, with HMV gone, it will be an increasingly rare experience.

James Routledge 2016