Technology in 2013
Luke O' Sullivan | 27 February 2017

As 2012 comes to a close as a relatively impressive year for tech, with products like the iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII, iPad 3, 4 and mini, Windows 8 and Surface, I’ll take you through what to expect in 2013: A. Lot.


First off, we’ll see new iterations of the products we already know. You can look forward to seeing:

- A Samsung Galaxy S4 around May or June packing a relatively massive 5” display, 13 megapixel camera and a faster processor.

- An iPad 5 possibly as early as March, but likely more towards the middle/end of the year (as the iPad 4 just came out in October), featuring a new slimmer, lighter design, faster processor, and an 8 megapixel camera.

 - An iPhone 5S, and an iPad Mini with a retina (ultra HD, like the iPhone or iPad 3/4) display.

You can also look forward to seeing new software, but the only one we know enough about to talk about is:

- A new OS X (Mac operating system) which will feature Siri on the Mac, Maps integration, and some other cool new stuff.


XBOX and PS4

Apparently There will be a new XBOX (apparently just called XBOX, not the XBOX 720) which will feature the ability to display majorly improved graphics, play Blu-Ray discs (and maybe games from flash drives to make games work faster), a new design, an AWESOME new feature called IllumiRoom (read more here), and Kinect 2.

There will also be a new PS4 which will likely feature similar upgrades as the new XBOX.


Smart TV's

Above: Apple TV in it’s current state


You can expect the TV to be re-invented over the next year or so.

- Apple TV will feature a new, easy to navigate guide, and use Siri, so you can just ask your TV to put on ITV or play a film. It will also look at your viewing history and suggest what channels or On Demand films/tv shows it thinks you’ll like. You’ll also be able to control it from your iPhone/iPad.

- Google TV is already out, and features some voice control and On Demand content, but you can expect this to improve once the new Apple TV is out.

UPDATE: Intel and Samsung have already unveiled Smart TV's with redesigned TV guides, OnDemand content and app's.


Google Glass

Above: Google Glass (in their current state).


- Undoubtedly the coolest thing to happen in 2013 (or maybe early 2014, depending on when it’s ready) will be Google Glass. These are glasses that have screens built into them so you can read your emails, texts and call people without having to carry a phone around. While some details are out, you’ll have to wait to find out more.

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