Poem based on lyrics of 'Hunstanton Pier' by Dead Havana
'To be lying drunk in the cushioned embrace of the sea'
Richard Emmanuel | 8 November 2015



I flee the ageing air of the city where I never felt at home,

A tourist whose head and heart were daily reminders they didn’t belong,

Seeking refuge from the poison of promise and regret,

I free fall off Hunstanton pier with my future set.


To be lying drunk in the cushioned embrace of the sea,

Where my soul has found its calling so effortlessly,

My weak bones do not battle the stampede of the tide,

But a beautiful stranger saves my life where I should’ve died.


I wake staring at those cerulean blue eyes glazed with a spark of worry,

Like the hushed sea waves of azure that caress her iris’ so gently,

My senses awaken from their rest confronted by my angel of the tide,

‘What have you done’, my weak and battered lips sighed.


For that day where I was caught in hateful salvation,

I was desperate to leave those places behind,

To find the truth in the depths of the waves,

To vanquish the storm of my mind.




Original image by Olivia Iacaponi

James Routledge 2016