Party Pitching
'strong and stable'
Edmund Wilson & Friends | 3 April 2017

Even though the general and mock elections have passed, just to see what Berkhamsted (and the country) voted for, here are some of the views of the different political parties. Note that the views expressed by the party representatives below are not necessarily their own - they are the views of the parties they represent. Enjoy!


Labour - James Routledge

Voting labour is a vote for a stronger, more equal Britain outside of the European Union. Our aim is to improve the lives of the British people, improving access to schooling, healthcare, housing and jobs. Labour will improve millions of lives by renationalising some important infrastructure such as railways and water companies. The NHS will also see lower waiting times and increased staff pay with increased funding. Compared to the other parties Labour is the only practical choice. Unlike many of the other parties Labour has won elections before and delivered on our promises, we can do so again. Vote Labour.

Conservatives - Lauren Gray

Voting for the Conservatives is a vote for a strong and stable government. The Conservatives provide a trustworthy, experienced, likeable leader and have policies that benefit us all now, such as allowing workers to take a year off to look after sick relatives. The Conservatives want a strong Brexit, which our increase in poll ratings has proved to be popular. We are the party that will cut corporate tax to 17%. We are the party that will increase funding into schools and the NHS. We are the party that will eradicate homelessness. The Conservatives are the only party we should vote for.  

Greens - James Doyle

History has shown us that voices of change and progressive ideas have always been in the minority; however, with time these voices gain clout with increasing support and go forth to enact great change. The Green Party, although ourselves a minority, are a growing force of tolerance and acceptance, with a strong ethos of community. With such political turmoil in the world, now is the time to vote for a party with bold plans for change. By lowering the voting age to 16 and providing more political education to Britain’s youth, we hope to give you greater control over your own futures. Our plans include: removing university fees through innovative taxation to ensure that no one is blocked from higher education; cancelling plans for HS2, and injecting more funding into mental health services, and closing the gender pay gap and other established inequalities. I hope you choose to put the power in your own hands by voting for Green, a party for the people, and a party for the future.

Liberal Democrats - Edmund Wilson

Britain was born for change. Because we never look backwards, and always look forwards to the horizon. So when Theresa May refuses to condemn Trump’s Muslim Ban, she lets Britain down. When the Conservatives leave social care underfunded, they let us all down. Because every human upon these isles should matter. Which is why we hope to change Britain’s future. We’ll give you the choice to either accept the deal reached with Europe, or reject it and remain in Europe. We’ll invest £300M in community policing, over £8B in education, and £10B in health and social care.  In government, our party introduced equal marriage, so that you can marry the person you love, but we want to go even further in the future. So every vote for the Liberal Democrats is a vote for change. Because Britain was born for change.

UKIP - Adam Hawkswood

The United Kingdom Independence Party has been branded a travesty by the liberal left wing mainstream media since its creation. However it is the only truly British party still around today; one that is not scared to say what needs to be said in the face of whatever gets thrown our way. Not only this but UKIP is without a doubt one of the most successful political parties in the UK in recent decades. It was our party that brought about Brexit and this country’s freedom from the binding restrictions of the EU. But this struggle is not yet over, and a party is needed who will make the government take a strong stand for the British People. Vote UKIP.


Original Image by Carl Tillett.


James Routledge 2016