Live The Adventure
'It started out as a silly hobby with friends'
Robert Barrow | 23 January 2016

“Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure”. These are the words most commonly associated with the daily vlogger, filmmaker, and lifestyle guru, Louis Cole, who makes daily content for his YouTube channel “FunForLouis”. The tall, fearless and dreadlocked explorer travels the world with a number of his friends and family, and with often just a backpack, his passport, and a camera, teaching his viewers to be adventurous and live in the moment.

Louis, 32, from London, makes his money from YouTube by uploading a daily video blog on the previous day’s events. The advertising income generated by the number of people who watch his videos has enabled him to travel all across the world, to virtually every continent, whilst taking his viewers with him. Arguably a pioneer in the world of daily vlogging, not only does Louis get up to some pretty amazing adventures but his talent with regards to filmmaking is unique, considered by many as the freshest and most vibrant content on Youtube. As a result, he has inspired many of the younger members of his audience to explore the world of creative expression through the lens of a camera, as well as acting as a guiding light for the majority of other YouTube personalities such as Ben Brown and Casey Neistat. Approaching his 1000th day of vlogging, Louis Cole has quickly grown into an internet sensation and, with over 1.6 million subscribers and a total of more than 170 million views, this looks set to continue, as his popularity further increases on a global scale.


Louis’ nomadic lifestyle has led to him globetrotting from country to country, primarily with the aim of inspiring young people to escape the confines of ordinary life and look for adventure in their lives. With this ever-increasing responsibility, Louis wants to act as a positive role model for many aspiring filmmakers and explorers. He takes time to visit some of the most impoverished areas of the world and gets involved in a number of charity projects across the globe. Most recently he travelled to Romania, in order to provide housing and raise funds for projects in the most rural areas of the European country. Furthermore, after the Ebola crisis of last year, Louis travelled to Sierra Leone with the organisation “World Vision”, in order to raise money and raise the profile of the charity and spread the good work of the charity to his wide audience. Furthermore, along with his friend and business partner, Dave Erasmus, Louis aids up-and-coming charities on a personal level in their campaigns regarding poverty, mental health, and even beach litter, to name but a few. Cole demonstrates to his audience that every small act of kindness, both on a small scale basis or with larger projects, does make a difference to the lives of those around us and on the other side of the world.

In addition to his charitable voyages, Louis also educates his viewers, by taking them to far-flung countries with historical sights and sights of natural beauty that, for many, would not appear accessible in our everyday lives. His comical road trips across America in the “Wonderwagon”, or the cowboy trek he took with a few friends, provide entertainment as well as education to combat the often monotonous nature of ordinary life. However, what makes Louis so unique in comparison to other creative sparks in his field, is his constantly warm, friendly and positive vibe. He treats everyone that he meets with equal respect, regardless of where in the world he met them, promoting our responsibility to the wider community, and always has a smile on his face. Whether he is frantically looking for his passport, running late for a plane or suffering from an injury of some kind, he always sets a remarkable example of how you should act and behave in times of adversity. He displays many other characteristics that endear him to his audience such as not drinking alcohol and never swearing or causing controversy. He has more recently converted to a vegan diet. This was after he learnt of the environmental impacts the consumption of meat has on our planet. However, never at any stage does he force people to adopt his views, act like him or support his charities. He simply acts humbly and with generosity in his everyday life, developing strong friendships with people across the globe whilst encompassing all of this positivity in a short and daily video.

All in all, I think that the world needs more people like Louis Cole. Hopefully, as the YouTube scene grows to become a greater part of our daily entertainment schedule, his message to “peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure” will continue to shape how we see the world around us.



Images used under creative commons licence. 

James Routledge 2016