Lisa Timoshchenko: An Interview
'I do not like horror films, but I want to make people scared'
Lizzie Wood | 21 January 2016

Year 13 photography student, Lisa Timoshchenko, gives an insight into the creative process behind her work. Some for her photos are mesmerizing yet also very bewildering- you'll have to look a little closer and think a little deeper to understand some of the ideas at play here.

Lizzie Wood: What would you say is the biggest theme in your work?

Lisa Timoshchenko: I am always doing something that is connected to fashion because I really love the industry: there are 

no boundaries and it is so creative; I can really express myself.

LW: A lot of your work is quite unusual, some of it is quite scary. It is clearly not meant to be worn as everyday 

fashion. What are you trying to achieve with this?

LT: It is more arty. I do not like horror films, but I want to make people scared. Even though I do not like it 

myself, I am just curious as to why it happens, why people become scared of things. I want to understand 

why people have specific reactions when they see blood or something like that, do they like it or are they 

just critical and refuse to engage with it?



LW: I think you can see this ideology especially in the picture of the girl crying blood [above]. It is a very gothic 

image, how does that work with the models themselves? Do they come to you or do you tell them what you 


LT: I had the idea to create a crying angel inspired by the Harry Potter films and the model really loved it! I 

wanted to create my own character so it became my own idea. It is a crying angel because Harry Potter is 

always in trouble and this angel comes to help him ­ it is like a fairytale story. 

LW:Do you collaborate a lot with the models?

LT: I try to give models ideas and tell them what I want them to do ­ I feel they should be inside the role of 

their character; it is really had to work with models who do not understand what I want from the character. 

They also suggest what they want, as a model, and I always try to think about what they want to look like 

and whether it will suit them. 

LW: Which is your favourite piece from this selection?



LT: This is my favourite piece because you cannot see the model’s whole face, you can only see part of it.  To me, this symbolises the modern world: we have blankets on our faces but we can still see what is going on; it is meant to show her feelings. But the blanket is just powder and ­to me that is beautiful. 

(go to Lisa's Youtube channel to view her video work)

LW: What was one of your more difficult ideas to execute?



LT: I did some work with UV light and the first time I was not really successful. I decided to try again, but 

this time I drew circles and triangles on the models’ bodies. The viewer does not see the face of the model, 

but just circles and triangles which make up the shape of the body. Through these shapes the body is just 

recognisable but you would not see it the first time; their identity is hidden.

LW: What is your next project?

LT: Now, I am creating a video of the seven deadly sins and I think it is the most complicated thing I have 

ever done. I am recording the video now and it uses Montage, and because I have never used these 

programmes before, I have had to explore them and it is really a new experience. Through this new theme, 

I want to show that we are all sinners and it is impossible to overcome that nowadays. For example, there 

is a woman, who is beautiful, but her sin is pride and she looks really, really bad inside. Through my video I

am showing what is happening inside, how it really looks and how people really look.


Original images by Lisa Timoshchenko

James Routledge 2016