Is It Worth It?
Amy Walton | 27 March 2017

In order to become a professional athlete that competes at the elite level athletes have to have incredible work ethic, sheer determination and be willing to sacrifice and push themselves to the limits in order to achieve excellence. High intensity training and a restrict diet plan twenty four hours a day seven days a week is how the athletes improve and strive to succeed. It is effectively their job to be the best they will allow themselves to be in order to be titled number one at the Olympics as they have sacrificed a traditional upbringing and in some cases have been bred into the sport from a young age.


How far are athletes willing to push and abuse their physical and mental state in order to taste victory and stand on the top podium with a gold medal around their neck? Because that’s what they strive towards right? In actual fact this would only be the beginning they dream of the huge endorsements and media coverage that comes with being number one. Some can handle it and others have show to crumble due to the added position to defend their title.


The requirements that need to be met in order to succeed and compete with other athletes all over the world need to be accomplished. It is what will put athletes above the rest. In the sport of gymnastics women need to be small in order to fit between the bars easily, light so they can carry themselves in the air when performing on floor yet powerful in order to explode off the vault. Therefore little body fat is needed. They find it hard to compete with gymnasts from China for example as they are naturally small and will be pushed to the edge by their coaches in order to perform moves with the highest tariff rate.


Athletes become so obsessed with winning they push themselves to the extreme. However, trying to keep your title is harder than trying to steal one as you have already achieved it and you watch others train that much harder to take it off you…they need to ask themselves, is it worth it?

James Routledge 2016