Four Poems
Various | 27 March 2017

The Creek

As I journey to the edge of the creek,

I stand still, and to you, I speak.

Your eyes I recall; the way they shone,

I cannot see them now, you are gone.

And with every step I take to the end,

I think how with you, my heart will mend.

Your smile was the saviour, causing me to survive.

Because of you, today I’m alive.

And now you’ve left me with a hole in my chest.

I sat alone when they put you to rest.

I did nothing to keep you here with me.

And your features again, I will never see.

I travel further still and address your soul.

And now to join you is my goal.

And so, I arrive at the waterside,

Immediately under the water I dive.

Becca Ashworth




Drip by drip falling,

One by one they trickle down,

Step by step I forget.

Phoebe Scott



Ode to the watering can

O watering can, you nourish the plants and let them bloom

You give the earth its beauty and end its doom

You make people see the sweet colours and smells in May

You make them want to fight another day

O sweet watering can, you live through droughts and end peoples’ doubts

You make the children delight in the earth’s light

Katya Savill



My Golden Tarn

A golden tarn of summer light,

The memories dance and the sun shines bright.

Surrounded by hills, mountains and sky,

And the birds that soar, swoop and fly.

The ripples spiral around my toes,

As the ice cold water gently flows.

Shadows leap from wave to wave,

As they run into each hidden cave.

The world is quiet, peaceful at last,

And my mind goes back to times long past.

Running, splashing, full of glee,

Summer after summer of being free.

Nowhere to go, nowhere to be,

Just this place, the tarn and me.

Friends and family all around,

And each and every tranquil sound.

Swimming in this beautiful place,

Laughing with each smiling face.

And now I’m here and now I see,

That I’ll always have hope and always be free.

For happiness will always last,

With those precious memories from the past.

Lucy Hubbard

James Routledge 2016