Fashion Icons of 2013
Christina Storey | 20 March 2017

Twice a year we are told what the new season trends are to be at an abundance of fashion shows in February and September. Although these have a major influence on the fashion industry, it's the people who are involved in the shows, whether they’re on the ‘FROW’ (Front-ROW), in the shows or writing about them, who are the biggest influences on the fashion industry.


Anna Wintour


Editor-in-Chief of Vogue U.S for 25 years, Anna has earned herself an incredible status in the fashion world. She is noted for her short, sharp bob, her massive sunglasses and her demanding personality. There is no denying it, Anna is highly influential in the fashion industry, even having her at one of your shows would be a huge deal to any designer. Her cut-throat attitude influences the magazine industry, let alone the fashion industry!


Cara Delevigne


When we first heard of her all we wanted to know was how to say her surname (I still have a lot of struggle spelling it!). The next phase was her eyebrows; those bushy things that no-one used to worry about much. But since Cara (it’s now a first name basis thing) has come into the spotlight, eyebrows are way more important than they used to be. It’s a case of ‘drawing’ them on to attempt to get that perfectly sculpted shape you desire. Then, when someone complements them, you gleam in delight. Not only has Cara influenced eyebrows she has become an icon of street-style fashion. Her ‘off the runway’ look has become a signature relaxed style, wearing a beanie or leggings with a baggy top, looking flawless but like she literally has ‘thrown’ it on. Cara has also bought an element of fun back into fashion by her various funny faces, which have been made into goodness know how many gifs on tumblr. She has re-invented the ‘celebrity’ type tag for a model having been linked to the likes of Harry Styles and having her model friends. Cara has influenced the fashion industry already in many ways and I’m sure will do so many more ways in the future.




A phenomenal prodigy who entered the fashion industry at just 12 years old. She got noticed by her insanely weird but perfectly matched together outfits. She created her blog Style Rookie when she was just 12 in 2008, and at 17 she is now editor of her own web magazine Rookie. Although there have been ‘super-bloggers’ before her, Tavi was the first one of a young generation. She showed teenage girls interested in fashion that you don’t have to wait until you’re ‘grown-up’ to pursue your dream but with the internet, you can start it right now. She has inspired many girls to start their own blogs, including myself. Many girls feel that Tavi’s boldness and unique fashion sense has given them the confidence to wear what they want and not feel shaped by society. Although she influences a lot of teenagers, her market audience is much bigger than that. Her name is known throughout the fashion industry just for her unique quirky style that means you can’t help but love her.

James Routledge 2016