Chris Levine: Lenticular Photography
Sally Nolan | 27 March 2017

Levine is a UK-based artist who focuses on contemporary, innovative photography. As well as being a photographer, Levine is also involved in a variety of other industries, including fashion, performance, and music. Levine’s work is often overlooked in the world of modern photography, which is increasingly becoming more and more socially adaptable. By this I mean many people have gone the step further from ‘instagramming’ to discovering the domain of photography.


A key focus for Levine is lenticular photography, where multiple photos are taken and combined using a lenticular lens. The combined lenticular print creates an illusion of depth, displaying a 3-D image. I particularly like lenticular photography, as it is up to the viewer to decide what they think the best image is. As you move the image changes into one of the merged photos, allowing the viewer the freedom to decide which they like best, and what they think it represents.


Levine’s most famous lenticular photograph was for the Queen’s diamond jubilee: he created two portraits ('Lightness of Being' and 'Equanimity’;). He went against the traditional portraits that are normally expected and created a vibrant image that still captures the calm, conserved nature of the monarch. I admire Levine for his ability to have created a bold image of a strong monarch that still has subtle marks of tranquility. Levine creates a similar effect in his portrait of Baroness Helena Kennedy. Kennedy is a renowned figure of authority, a distinguished female lawyer who actively voiced and promoted civil rights and their importance. In Levine’s portrait of her, he merges three photos, which all display her as a potent, strong character by her body shape and angle. However, Levine colours the photography using a pink/ light purple shades. This creates a soft feminine touch, which contrasts with her strong persona as a leading barrister.


Levine’s portrait of Baroness Helena Kennedy is currently displayed at ‘The National Portrait Gallery.’ Levine has also photographed celebrities such as Grace Jones, and Kate Moss – focusing on modern, novel designs and particularly lenticular photography. 

James Routledge 2016