'Breadwinners flirt with overtime'
Matt Tam & Alex Burgar | 19 January 2016

The click and buzz and newsroom hype,

And steam and hiss of coffee taps,

Breadwinners flirt with overtime,

And uniformed, earn their livelihoods.

Hunchbacked in the humid air,

In a backstreet alley with

the stench of festering trash.

Well-earned money dribbles in.

Emulsion scent and ladder creak,

Delicate dancing balancing act,

Flicking brush and patient mind,

Patient working for their cash.

Hot-burning bitter coffee smell,

Fridge chill hum and whitenoise bubble,

Coins from hand to hand jingle,

And jump in till for later use.

* * *










































































































A poem by Alex Burger

Original images by Matt Tam

James Routledge 2016