A Mock Reportage of Watford vs Tottenham Hotspur, September 2nd 2018
'The dream resurrected, brought back from what we assumed had been beyond possibility'
Luke Reevey | 3 December 2018

The fiercely blinding sun shines on the grass at Vicarage Road, cut to the perfect length like a carpet laid down for a celebration. A celebration that only exists deep in the minds of the twenty thousand Watford fans who wait for Javi’s soldiers to step fearlessly onto the battlefield and face their opponents; equal in numbers but certainly not ability. The violent sound of a whistle is blown as the Hornets prepare their stingers and courageously await the inevitable force Spurs would throw at them.  

After 53 minutes of withstanding the North London fire, it was too much for the Frenchman Abdoulaye Doucouré who, clearly crumbling under the pressure of holding on to the tie, allowed his ability to slip, sending the ball flying into the wrong net. The distant roar of Spurs merriments sent a shiver down the spine of every home fan, as the once breathing dream, preserved only in the imagination of these Watford disciples, saw its last light. Or so we thought… 

Sixteen minutes of what seemed an eternity passes as Vicarage Road keeps praying, pleading for a faint glimpse of hope that might give the Hornets a monumental point and another page to add to the history books. There could only be one man to change this - the skipper, the leader, the legend - Troy Deeney. A bullet comes curling in as the number 9 buries it in the bottom corner, reviving this magnificent vision that had cowered away in the dark.  

With the excitement being upheld throughout the proceeding 10 minutes, Watford gain the momentum and start to push the enemy line further and further back. Our Spartan warrior, Jose Holebas, sends a flying cross into the deadly melee of pure bedlam, every being trying to tower above the next to get that single touch needed to help their team. Craig Cathcart, floating up like butterfly, stings like a hornet.  

The dream resurrected, brought back from what we assumed had been beyond possibility. No longer was it the foe who was rejoicing, instead it was the men in yellow and black, the men who won the war at Vicarage Road. 

Images sourced under the Creative Commons license.

James Routledge 2016