5 tips on becoming the next big super-blogger!
Christina Storey | 20 March 2017

Now, I’m no super-blogger myself (however much I’d like to be.) I don’t post everyday, I don’t work with multiple international companies and I don’t earn money by blogging but that doesn’t mean I don’t love blogging with all my heart. I have run a blog for nearly 3 and a half years, so I reckon I know a thing or two about it. Looking back at the first two years of my blogging life is ridiculously funny, I didn’t have a clue about the whole blogging community, I had only just set it up because somewhere in the Teen Vogue Handbook it said it was a good idea for anyone interested in the fashion world. But a year into blogging I came across certain blogs that made me realise that I needed to up my game. I changed the name, altered the content and enhanced the layout and since then I’ve fallen more and more in love with blogging. So I thought I would give you a few tips to help you get started…


1. Anyone can blog

Anyone seriously can blog, just create an account on blogger.com and you’re ready to go. But first (as I learned) its useful to just get your foot in the door to what kind of blog you want it to be. There are so many different types of blogs that it is easy to choose - Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Journal, Books, Photography, Cooking, DIY, Advice, Tech, Fitness, Travel - Or mix them all together!


2. Write about what you love

If you don’t want to cage yourself into one category (which I did at the beginning, it is only now I’m starting to break free) as you have multiple things you would love to blog about, then don’t! If you write about what you love, your passion will shine through in your writing and your blog will be the best it can be. However if you don’t, it’s obvious to any reader that you lack the passion behind your posts. So be sure to write about something you know!


3. Don’t focus on numbers

Although I’m sure every blogger would love to have thousands of followers, not everyone can. You need to realise that (although it’s cheesy) Rome wasn’t built in a day. It will take a while to have a following who read your blog (I’m pretty sure mine doesn’t range far from my dad and a couple of friends) but it is best to have loyal readers than just followers who expect a ‘follow back.’ Keep an eye on your stats, realise which posts are most popular and appeal to the readers but don’t make your blog just about numbers. Keep reminding yourself that you’re blogging because you love it, not to get a following!


4. Photography is key

There is nothing more endearing to a reader than a picture. It captivates the reader in a second and really increases the chances that they will read through your posts and explore further into your blog. Although writing and your content is extremely important, photography is vital for captivating readers attention!


5. Social Media is your best friend

Social Media and blogging go hand in hand. Blogging is a form of social media but sites like Bloglovin, Twitter and Instagram are fundamental in getting your blog out there. Sharing your posts on these websites is crucial so that people, especially friends and family, are aware that your blog exists! It is also useful to emerge yourself into the blogging community online, find other bloggers you can connect with and send them a tweet about one of their posts. or share a post of your favourite blog post you’ve read in the week or even join in with some of the weekly chats like #fbloggers (fashion bloggers) #tbloggers (teen bloggers) #bbloggers (beauty bloggers.) Twitter is such an easy way to get your everyday little thoughts out there and instagram is a way for the world to see your iPhone snaps. If you can increase your following on any of these sites, it’s highly likely that it will increase your blog readership if you share on all platforms.


So there we have it, these 5 simple steps don’t secure you to be a blogging phenomena but they are 5 things that I think will help you get your foot in the door to the blogging world!

James Routledge 2016